Learn Onyfix from Expert and Specialist: Bree Wright, RN, CFCN

Bree Wright, RN, CFCN

Bree Wright, RN, CFCN, Bree Wright, owner of Heel Your Sole Foot Care, is an advanced foot care nurse with over 20 years of experience.
She is the course development expert and lead instructor for two post secondary advanced nursing foot care programs in Saskatchewan and the lead international trainer for Neubourg Medical for advanced foot care technologies.
Bree is the Provincial Adviser for Saskatchewan for the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses and runs a successful private nursing foot care practice that includes many foot care clinics in the Saskatchewan.

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Advancing Foot Care Practices: Revolutionary Technologies to Enhance Your Practice
Whether you are already using Onyfix or curious to learn more, tune in to see incredible before and after photos (excellent marketing tools) and exciting new developments as more professionals discuss their results.
Learn new tips, tricks and troubleshooting for the revolutionary Onyfix® Nail Correction System and get all your questions answered during this live interactive session
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In this session, Bree Wright, RN, CFCN will review the scientific journal publication behind the prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial for the treatment of severe foot xerosis and the evidence of skin barrier repair. Additionally, you will learn how to help educate your patients in order to achieve optimal, sustainable results.

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Onyfix is a brand new nail correction system that is used to treat and prevent ingrown toe nails. It is completely pain-free with no contraindications. It returns the nail to a proper shape through its own physiological growth rather than using torque. Onyfix is a specialized composite that binds to the keratin of the nail and is ideal for the treatment of involuted nails.